About Queen’s Bee Quilting

I am sure you’ve heard it all before – how I’ve been sewing since I was born – how I made all my own clothes, knitted my own socks, cut my own hair and after that, I found quilting and never looked back. Well, it is all true except the part about cutting my own hair and maybe the part about knitting my own socks…

I have always been fascinated by quilts. My passion ignited with the innocent and unsuspecting purchase of my first antique quilt about 25 years ago with each new addition to the collection just fueling the fire. I remember marveling how women with so little could make things that were both useful and so beautiful – turning scraps of seemingly nothing into definitely something.

Fabrics make me whole so I think I have always been destined to be a quilter. You know what I mean? The feeling you get just touching a great piece of fabric – connecting immediately with a new print or having your eyes dance from bolt to bolt as you walk through the door of your favorite quilt store.

I started quilting about 10 years ago and always finished my pieces on my regular sewing machine. Wanting to take my creations to the next level, I decided to take the plunge and acquire a longarm. As a result, “Beetrice” was added to the family almost three years ago. She’s a Gammil Optimum w/Statler Stitcher and rests on a 12’ lighted table in the cozy quilt studio she calls home. She hums and buzzes happily with each stitch.

I will consider it a privilege to quilt your treasures and will handle them with the care and detail that they so richly deserve. The studio is both a smoke-free and pet-free environment, though you may detect the occasional scent of an apple pie or fresh baked bread.

I look forward to enhancing your loving works with my quilting.


Queen is a name given to me by my dear, sweet husband.

Quilter is the title I have bestowed upon myself.